Advice on your food safety design plan

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Is this for your company?

You need support in designing your plans if you are a company or a publicly funded institution that would like to:

  • Have work carried out on site;
  • Create an annex or an extension to existing buildings;
  • Build a new production facility.

We offer you advice on creating the plans for your premises intended to be used for an agri-food activity and we adapt to your project and its size.

The purpose of providing advice on your food safety design plans:

We provide advice on your food safety design plans:

  • To enable you to create premises that meet the European regulation in force;
  • To support companies that would like to operate an EC-approved food production activity as well as those that would like to extend their market to the entire European community;
  • To provide you with the best technical solutions according to your needs and your means.

How long does the process take?

The duration of the process varies according to the size of your project and the number of activities that can be conducted on your premises. It takes one day to design the plan for a small structure. However, for an industrial site, it takes several days and this is spread over a number of months.