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QHSE Concept works alongside companies that have chosen to invest in their future and we provide three inter-connected professional services: Consulting, Auditing and Training.

Working alongside QHSE Concept consultants also means that your company is also well-equipped to cope with varying volumes of workload at different times.
By entrusting an assignment to one of QHSE Concept’s consultants, you are joining forces with an experienced and efficient partner who is not only by your side and on-hand, but also intent on doing everything he/she possibly can to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with our services.

Consultancy services

A consulting assignment can be one-off or a recurring event. It is conducted once various preparatory phases have been completed:

  • Analysis and definition of your needs (on-site visit if necessary)
  • Proposal of fees
  • Contract specifying the conditions of service.

Our aim is to offer you a high level of external advice by providing the regulatory and technical assistance you need.

As a result the management of the costs related to a project that you have set up is simplified and the recruitment of a person unnecessarily is avoided.

QHSE Concept also acts as an intermediary in ensuring the contacts between you and the national administrative departments.


Audits conducted by QHSE consultants provide you with a valuable external point of view enabling you to:

  • Look at a situation objectively ;
  • Benefit from different experiences and new approaches, etc. ;
  • Avoid the difficulty in dealing with “sensitive” subjects (reorganizations, mergers, etc.) ;
  • Create a momentum in areas where staff within the company may be unwilling or unable to create the conditions to implement new measures (problems of hierarchy, relationships, lack of support, want of time, etc.) ;
  • Introduce technical skills and experience that are not strong within the company ;

An audit is generally a one-off service.

It is conducted in various stages over the course one day or more:

  • Analysis of your company’s needs (reference material, field, scope, requirements)
  • Documentary study
  • Audit schedule
  • On-site visit
  • Analysis of the way the company operates
  • Interviews with staff and managers
  • Summary report required by regulations


Full-day or half-day training can be provided on premises provided by QHSE Concept or directly at your company.

Training can be organized specifically for your company or for several different companies according to your needs.

For the management team, our training courses aim to:

  • Inform them of their legally binding responsibilities;
  • Teach the required methods in order to successfully implement a project focussing on Quality, Hygiene, Safety or the Environment.

For the staff, our training courses are intended to:

  • encourage them to work together around the need to respect certain rules and practices.

Indeed, it is well-known that an obligation is more readily respected when you understand the reasons behind it.

Benefits of QHSE Concept’s training courses :

  • Personalized analysis of needs prior to the training
  • Application to separate posts within the company
  • Theoretical and field practice
  • Highly interactive approach
  • Involvement of all the trainees
  • Illustration with experiments and practical demonstrations

We can also provide :

  • Support and assistance to achieve the progressive integration of new regulations
  • Documentary system and displays produced with your team (procedures, tables to record data, etc.)
  • Creation of specific documents tailor-made to suit your needs