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Following any nonconformity issues raised during the audit, we provide you with daily, personalized support on what action you must implement within your company in order to offer you the best solutions.

Is this for your company?

You need food safety support if you are a company or a publicly funded institution that would like to:

  • Outsource your Quality Management tasks;
  • Enter within the community-approval sphere to develop your markets throughout France and Europe with the free movement of your products;
  • Develop your Food Safety Management system (FSMS);
  • Obtain a certification with a hypermarket or a supermarket, which includes brands such as Leclerc, Intermarché, Carrefour, Auchan, Système U, Casino and Cora, or with hard discounters such as Lidl, Leader Price, Aldi, Netto and Simply;
  • Expand your range of products and create a newly produced product;
  • Acquire a label for your products;
  • Certify your products (IFS, BRC, ISO 22000, AB, etc.) or have your products recognized with a label;
  • Define the best possible way to meet your food safety performance obligations;
  • Make your business compliant: health risk control policy, HACCP plan, crisis management, good hygiene practices.

Aims of supporting you during the food safety management process:

The aims of supporting you during the food safety management process:

  • To define the best practices that allow you to meet your food safety performance obligations;
  • To provide you with all the staff required to handle the excess workload generated by implementing a Food Safety Management system (FSMS) or by monitoring it;
  • To enforce all the necessary procedures to ensure your company is compliant with all the appropriate laws and regulations:
  • To implement a Food Safety Management policy, conducted using the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) method;
  • To prepare a food crisis management action plan (product recall/withdrawal procedure);
  • To implement a self-assessment and a monitoring plan;
  • To implement good hygiene practices;
  • To design and fit out your premises in accordance with EC compliance;
  • To provide technical solutions aimed at resolving any nonconformity issues;
  • To compile and follow up your EC Community approval file;
  • To create and follow up your Food Safety Management system.

During this phase, our firm examines the staff, organizational and technical capacities and means available to your company or public funded institution as well as its development strategy (return on investment) in order to provide you with the most effective solutions to adopt in an action plan created by our consultants. They are also available to help you implement the plan.

How long does the process take?

The implementation of a Food Safety Management system varies according to your company’s situation, size, scope and means.

QHSE consultants provide support over various lengths of time. Some mandates are on specific, one-off basis, while for others, the frequency can vary according to each organization. Support in managing an outsourced system may require intervening from one day a month to several days a week depending on your needs.