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Our role: We conduct audits and regulatory studies, carry out management and transition analysis, offer technical and operational advice and provide professional training.

Tailor-made services: All our projects are adapted to your specific needs and constraints defined during an extensive interview and completed if necessary by a visit of your organization.

Our values : A strong human dimension to our work so that close partnerships thrive.

With 13 years experience, QHSE Concept is firmly anchored as supporting and assisting people and the area they live and work in. The primary value of QHSE Concept is to be as close as possible to its clients, a goal that is achieved by placing a great amount of emphasis on the notion of service.

Commitment to Performance aligned with Respect and Integrity

COMMITMENT : Fulfilling our moral obligations towards our clients

PERFORMANCE : Delivering services that meet our clients’ expectations

RESPECT : Considering and favouring our clients’ choices

INTEGRITY : Confidentiality and security of information entrusted to us

Our approach : The development of easy-to-use tools and a methodology adapted to every business organization.

A company’s economic development is necessarily linked to fulfilling objectives in terms of hygiene, quality control, the protection of the environment and the safety of the staff. This demands taking a whole range and an ever-increasing number of factors into account.

In order to help private companies, industrialists, shop owners as well as public organizations and publicly funded institutions to meet regulatory or normative requirements, QHSE Concept is on hand to accompany you in the implementation of good business practice.

As a manager or supervisor with little time on your hands and sometimes limited in-house resources, QHSE Concept works alongside you to ensure that you receive personalized advice and expertise in order to :

  • Meet your regulatory requirements ;
  • Monitor your activity better by improving and structuring the organization ;
  • Gain market share by improving the company’s performance,
  • Act sustainably for the environment.

Working alongside consultants and more generally, making full use of external services of a consultancy firm, means that your company is also well-equipped to cope with varying volumes of workload at different times.

Our difference: The quality of the women and men in our team

QHSE Concept’s recruitment policy is a strategic axis and we strongly believe that the quality of the staff that make up our team is the fundamental prerequisite to guarantee that you are entirely satisfied with our services.

By entrusting an assignment to one of our consultants, you are joining forces with an experienced partner who is close by your side and who is

  • Accurate in the analysis of your needs ;
  • Highly committed to the value and benefits of his/her work,
  • A professional on the field,
  • A team or site manager,
  • An intermediary between you and the national administrative departments in France (DD(CS)PP – social and population services, Préfecture, DREAL, CARSAT, occupational inspectorate authority, occupational health service).


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Tél. : 04 71 60 57 56
Manager - QHSE trainer and consultant

Communicative - Rigorous - Reassuring

Reception - Back-office administration - Customer relations

Available - Efficient - Excellent relationship building skills

Consultant - QHSE trainer - Specialist in industry

Dynamic - Organized - Pragmatic

Consultant - QHSE trainer - Specialist in industry

Reactive - Excellent analytical skills - Multi-skilled



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