Safety Assessment

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Is this for your company?

You need an Occupational Health and Safety Assessment if you are a company or a publicly funded institution that would like to:

  • Implement a Safety Management system but you do not know how to start the process or which standard or certification to choose;
  • Implement an Occupational Safety system based on a certification that you have already identified but you are unsure how to begin this safety management process (e.g. regulatory certifications, ISO 45001, MASE, integrated management system, etc.);
  • Analyse how well and to what degree a system is already implemented in your organization, such as an accreditation or a certification.

Aims of the Safety Assessment:

There are several reasons for conducting a Safety Assessment:

  • To carry out a quick primary assessment based on the chosen objectives and reasons accounting for why you wish to have an Occupational Safety system;
  • To determine the standard or regulatory certification that is best suited for your company pertaining to your business sector, e.g. ISO 45001, MASE, or others relating to your business sector;
  • To act as a pre-requisite to implementing a certification or recognition procedure for the different certifications available:
  • Regulatory audits: employment code;
  • Organizational audits;
  • ISO 45001 audit Certification;
  • Integrated quality, safety and environment (QHSE) audit;
  • MASE audit;
  • Pre-certification audit;
  • Audit directive;
  • Etc.

How long does the process take?

The Occupational Safety and Working Conditions Assessment is a specific, one-off service and it does not take very long.

The audit can take between one and two days based on the chosen scope and depending on your company’s size, activities and means.