Food Hygiene Audit

Is this for your company?

The Food Hygiene Audit can be applied to any business operating in the agri-food sector: industrial sector, butcher, restaurant owner, cheese producer, producer, mass caterer.

We conduct full audits that cover your whole activity as well as more targeted audits that are conducted on one or more major aspects of food hygiene:

  • Cold chain/hot holding;
  • Traceability/labelling/inspection when products are received and dispatched;
  • Conducting your own microbiological checks of products and surfaces;
  • Design and maintenance of your premises/Cleaning and disinfecting plan;
  • Managing nonconformity issues/Customer complaints/Managing alerts;
  • Food hygiene and staff training.

Aims of the Food Safety Audit

The aim of the Food Hygiene Audit is to begin the rigorous process of supporting your company, whether as part of an approval or a certification process or as part of your company’s continual improvement policy.

It enables us to verify that your company is compliant with the required regulations and to prepare a precise inventory to reveal any nonconformity issues.

QHSE Concept is there to work closely with you in implementing and monitoring your Food Hygiene Management process. QHSE consultants identify the most suitable way for your business to manage the health risks. In this way, you can adopt a proactive strategy and manage this aspect both pragmatically and effectively.

How long does the process take?

The Food Safety Audit is a specific, one-off service which can last over a short or longer period of time. It is conducted over one or up to several days depending on your company’s size and activity, as well as the certification chosen and the scope of the audit.