Safety Audit

Is this for your company?

A Safety Audit may be applied to any type of business.

QHSE consultants conduct full audits that cover your entire activity and your Safety Management system (SMS), if you have one.

They also conduct more targeted audits over a more restricted field such as for example, a part of your activity or a part of your Safety Management system (SMS).

The Safety Audit covers all sectors of economic activity and applies to any organization that would like to:

  • Develop an initial Safety Management plan while not necessarily having a Safety Management procedure already in place;
  • Comply with regulatory requirements;
  • Obtain an occupational health and safety certification e.g. ISO 14001, MASE or integrated QSE audits, pre-certification audits, ATEX directive, MSD, QWL, PSR assessments, etc.;
  • Implement, maintain and improve a Safety Management System;
  • Ensure its conformity with the Safety policy that has been adopted;
  • Provide evidence of its conformity to customers and suppliers;
  • Register its Safety Management System with an external certification body;
  • Conduct a self-assessment of its risk management system (EFQM audit).

Aims of the Safety audit:

The Occupational Health and Safety Audit aims to highlight any shortcomings with respect to a certification or regulatory requirement. It also emphasizes the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s occupational risk prevention system.

It aims to:

  • Complete the initial assessment when implementing a Safety Management System (SMS).
  • Highlight any nonconformity issues with your system with respect to a given certification;
  • Create a precise inventory to assess the necessary compliance actions for a given certification or standard (e.g. MASE, ISO 45001, etc.);
  • Create a precise inventory to assess the necessary compliance actions for the regulation in force.

QHSE Concept is by your side in implementing and monitoring your Safety Management System. We do this by identifying the best way for your activity to manage risks.

QHSE consultants help you adopt a proactive strategy and manage this aspect both pragmatically and effectively offers pragmatic and efficient management of your safety system.

How long does the process take?

The Safety Audit is an occasional service which can be of a short to medium duration.

It is conducted over one or up to several days depending on your company’s size and activity, as well as the certification chosen and the scope of the audit.