Environmental Assessment

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Is this for your company?

You need an Environmental Assessment if you are a company or a publicly funded institution that would like to:

  • Initiate a Sustainable development approach but you do not know how to start the process or which standard or certification to choose;
  • Implement a Sustainable development system based on a certification that you have already identified but you are unsure how to enter into this sustainable development management process (e.g. regulatory certifications, ISO 45001, MASE, eco-labels, organic certification, Organic Agriculture (AB label in France);
  • Analyse how well and to what degree an environmental approach is already implemented in your organization.

Aims of the Environmental assessment:

There are two main reasons for conducting an Safety Assessment:

To carry out a quick primary assessment of:

  • The selected objectives and reasons that lead you into adopting an environmentally-aware approach;
  • Your company’s, institution’s or business unit’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of sustainable development management;
  • The standard or regulatory certification that is appropriate for your company.

To act as a pre-requisite to the implementation of a certification or recognition process of the different certifications available:

  • ISO 14001 ;
  • Ecolabels ;
  • Agriculture Biologique (AB) ;
  • Autres… relatif à votre secteur d’activité.

How long does the process take?

The Environmental Assessment is a short term service.

It takes the form of one or two days of auditing depending on the scope chosen, the size, the activities and the means of your company.