Environmental Audit

Is this for your company?

An Environmental Audit can be applied to all types of investment as long as the activity in question is in operation. A System Audit covers the Environmental Management of your entire activity. A Targeted Audit on the other hand only takes into account one or a few environmental aspects.

An Environmental Audit covers all sectors of economic activity and applies to any organization that would like to:

  • Comply with regulations;
  • Implement, maintain and improve an Environmental Management System (EMS);
  • Ensure compliance with the existing environmental policy;
  • Demonstrate compliance to its customers and suppliers;
  • Apply for certification/registration of its Environmental Management System with a certification body;
  • Conduct a self-assessment of its Environmental Management System;
  • Become certified: ISO 14001, EMAS, Integrated QSE System, mock audit, Organic Agriculture, ecolabels, etc.

Aims of the Environmental assessment:

The objectives of the Environmental Audit are first to define the activities to be considered and then to apprehend the different environmental aspects that are:

  • Involved in the production process (raw materials, liquid inputs, energy);
  • Generated by the activities (waste, emissions into the atmosphere, liquid emissions, finished products).

The environmental audit aims to:

  • Complete the initial assessment when implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS);
  • Analyse company practice, resource management;
  • Assess the environmental aspects and identify those that are of significance;
  • Create a precise inventory to assess the necessary compliance actions for a given certification or standard;
  • Create a precise inventory to assess the necessary compliance actions for the regulations in force (Code of Environmental Law, international regulations, etc.);
  • Initiate a thorough Environment Management System within the framework defined to obtain environmental certifications or sustainable development policy within your company or the geographical area for a publicly funded institution.

How long does the Environmental Audit take?

The Environmental Audit is an occasional service which can be of a short to medium duration.

It is conducted over one or up to several days depending on your company’s size and activity, as well as the certification chosen and the scope of the audit, and the environmental themes that are to be covered.