Quality Management Consulting

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Following any nonconformity issues raised during the assessment, we provide you with support on how best to resolve issues and what solutions to implement in your company, as and when you are ready.

QHSE consultants use their expertise to:

  • Implement a certification application or a quality recognition procedure;
  • Create and monitor a document management system (procedures, instructions, record-keeping);
  • Provide technical solutions aimed at resolving nonconformity issues in your system.

Is this for your company?

You need support in the Quality Management process if:

You are a company or a publicly funded institution that is embarking on a Quality Management process and;

  • Would like to know the best way to implement a Quality Management System;
  • Does not have the in-house staff to handle the excess workload generated by the implementing or monitoring of a Quality Management process.


You are a company or a publicly funded institution that has implemented a Quality Management process and;

  • Would like to renew or change your Quality Management process;
  • Would like to optimize your Quality Management System (QMS).

The purpose of supporting you during the Quality Management process:

We offer Quality Management support to organizations in order to provide solutions concerning:

The implementation of all procedures for Quality-related certification and recognition in relation to different certifications or improvement procedures:

  • ISO 9001 Certification;
  • ISO 22000 Certification;
  • FSSC 22000 Certification (ISO 22000 + PAS 220);
  • ISO IFS Certification;
  • ISO BRC Certification;
  • Protected designation of origin (PDO) procedure;
  • Recognition of a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the National Institute for Origin and Quality (INAO).
  • Customer specifications;
  • EFQM assessment;
  • Business continuity plan;
  • Quality Management support may also help meet requirements concerning:
  • Transition management.

Our support is also valuable in order to implement any Quality Management system (QMS) that involves:

  • Defining policy, objectives and indicators;
  • Planning and programmes;
  • Operational organization, emergencies and regulation;
  • Document management systems;
  • Staff training and communication;
  • Inspections, monitoring, measurements and audits;
  • Nonconformity actions, corrective and preventive actions;
  • Management reviews;
  • Continual improvement.

How long does the process take?

The implementation of a Quality Management system in an SME/SMI can vary from anything between 6 and 24 months depending on your company’s situation, size, scope and means.

QHSE consultants can also carry out their mandate over different periods of time.

A specific, one-off mandate is designed to:

  • Define the quality policy;
  • Implement action plans (e.g. continual improvement, crisis management, etc.);
  • Implement a self-assessment and a monitoring plan;
  • Implement quality-related procedures and instructions;
  • Provide technical solutions aimed at resolving nonconformity issues;
  • Analyse customer satisfaction;
  • Implement and monitor indicators;
  • Etc.

Our commitment to continual support is there to:

  • Create an outsourced management of the Quality System.
  • Provide long-term support throughout your process, by intervening from one day a month to several days a week depending on your needs.